American Hornbeam (Blue Beech)


Scientific Name: Carpinus caroliniana

Size at Pick-up: 5-7 feet tall in a 5 gallon container


  • Species is steeped in American history
  • Blue-grey bark gives year-round interest and nickname ‘Musclewood’ or ‘Blue Beech’
  • Outstanding color change throughout the season
  • Creates heavy, dense shade
  • Will thrive in all sun conditions and in wet sites

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Zone: 3-9
Mature Habit: Upright, rounded
Size: 30’x30’
This is an overstory tree- DO NOT plant under a power line
Best Light: Full sun to full shade
Growth Rate: Slow
Best Soil: Deep, slightly acidic
Color Change: Green to red/orange/yellow
Mess: Catkins

Landscape Use: Screens, understory planting, specimen, small shade tree

Companion Plants: Ironwood, Serviceberry, Elderberry, Viburnum